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A Balanced Life.
You want it. In fact you need it to truly be happy and healthy. You are through with methods that don’t work. It’s time to take the Holistic Wellness approach.

But… Life is so hectic!
You are being pulled in several directions at once. How can you even think about having balance?

Family and friends need you
Home needs cleaning
Laundry needs folding
Shopping to be done
Meals to be made

overwhelmed and in need of holistic wellness

Overwhelmed yet? I know how that feels. It’s okay that you aren’t super woman all the time. It may seem impossible to imagine your life full of vitality when it’s wasted on a frantic lifestyle, worry or dealing with dilapidating pain.

Maybe it’s impossible to imagine being truly content with life and focused on fulfilling your desires instead of focused on your limitations or negative experiences.

What does A BALANCED LIFE look like?
  • Vitality
  • Contentment
  • Healthy
  • Enthusiastic
Freedom without:

Limiting Beliefs

How to Get a Balanced Life with Holistic Wellness

I have an array of tools in my healing kit; Reflexology, Reiki, Tapping (EFT), Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation Coaching. Here at Loflex Holistic Services; it’s about YOU, not the modalities used to treat what ails you.

Your sessions are designed for what you need. Today it may be straight up reflexology. Next session it may be a combination of methods.

Holistic wellness is not invasive and ensures there is no chemical or adverse reaction.

Holistic wellness rebalances you from the inside out.

As you begin to heal (emotional, physically) a shift begins to happen in your well-being. It is this process that we focus on.

When healing begins to happen, other areas of concern often shift into focus. We address this with each session; treating you where you are not where you were.

Your support doesn’t end after the session either. Follow up contact ensures you have moral support as you integrate a healing session into your lifestyle.

I believe in self-empowerment!

When you learn how to have a balanced life you are empowered to take charge of your own well-being. You can live by example. Your children, family and friends will be inspired by your journey into A Balanced Life!

Don’t learn the hard way, like I did.

My eureka moment didn’t happen until my daughter was almost finished high school. By then I was the very last person on my to-do-list. Everyone else came first. When I did have time to take care of myself I didn’t know where to begin!

Physically I was out of shape because I had no time to dedicate to exercise. Housecleaning was my form of physical fitness.

Mentally and emotionally I was fatigued and got stressed out very easily. This affected my health and unbalanced my diet. I shopped for convenient and easy to make meals. (I’ve now learned that easy can be healthy too!)

I didn’t pay attention to the warning signs my body was giving me. And I’m still working through some of that because I held onto it for so long.

It’s never too late!

You can simply begin by giving yourself a break. Don’t be a martyr. Start treating yourself like the people you nurture. Without you fully functioning, your family won’t be either.

Set an example today and shift into an empowered state of being.

Shift into a Balanced Life Today!

 I can help guide you on to how to begin, keep up the momentum and support your journey.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Contact me so we can discuss your personal situation. Find out if Loflex Holistic Services is the right fit for you.

I am a professional member of the Reflexology Association of B.C. and an accredited Reiki Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association.

Disclaimer: Alternative and Holistic Wellness is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please see your doctor or a naturopath before consulting with any holistic or alternative healer.